brian coyle

Founded to serve the “Ellis Island of the Midwest,” Brian Coyle is among the city’s busiest social service centers with a continuum of programs designed around the neighborhood’s rapidly changing immigrant communities.

Many community organizations call the Brian Coyle Center home including:

  • American Nursing & Tech Institute
  • Capital Café LLC
  • Cedar Riverside Adult Education Collaborative
  • Cedar Riverside Childcare Center
  • Cedar Riverside Community School
  • Cedar Riverside NRP
  • Fairview Health Services
  • Hennepin County HS&PH Department

Featured Stories

A special space for women at the Cedar Riverside ‘Women’s Night Out’

Brian Coyle Center’s Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Program hosted their 13th annual ‘Cedar Riverside Women’s Night Out’ on March 23rd. It was another beautiful event celebrating the women and multiculturalism of the Cedar Riverside community. As always, the event provided dinner,

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Buraanbur builds connections, brings healing

Taking care of your health doesn’t necessarily equate to making routine stops at the doctor’s office. Being healthy and feeling well, safe, and secure requires looking at a bigger picture—focusing on how our everyday lives, work, environment, and choices influence

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Celebrating multiculturalism in Cedar Riverside

For over 20 years, the Cedar Riverside Multicultural Dinner hosted by our Brian Coyle Center has stood as a joyful reminder that differences should be celebrated; that even if we look, talk, or worship differently—we are all part of one

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