Program Description

The Pillsbury United Communities (PUC) Community Health Program works to reduce the impacts of Opioid Overdose among its targeted community groups such as East Africans, African American, Latinos, and other underserved populations in Minneapolis, Minnesota areas. We do this by providing community outreaching, awareness creation & education, culturally appropriate & linguistic relevant prevention, responsive recovery, and referral services.

Our services include:
•. One-on-one consultations and guidance
•. Hosted group sessions on related topics
•. Facilitated workshop and trainings for members from targeted populations.
•. Hosted Substance Abuse Disorder/Opioid Overdose community education
•. Partnerships with community ambassadors, religious leaders, local media and other collaborators

For more information, contact Awol Windessa at or call 612-876-9330. For updated information about upcoming events and workshops, visit our center Facebook pages.