Justice Lives Here

Pillsbury United Communities co-creates enduring change toward a just society. Built with and for the people we serve, our united system of programs, neighborhood centers, and social enterprises empowers individuals and families across the region to own their future on their own terms.

Accessing North High Scholarship funds

We hope this message finds you well. At Pillsbury United Communities (PUC), we are committed to supporting your child’s educational journey, and we understand the vital role scholarships play in this process. Recently, we’ve received feedback about difficulties in accessing the North High Scholarship funds. We want to clear up any confusion and provide clear guidance to ease the process. 


Through innovative community-based support, we ensure families are healthy, safe, and ready to thrive.


Through the arts and community media, we help build neighborhoods where everyone belongs and has a voice.


Through education and employment programs, we create pathways and open gateways to economic empowerment. 

*2020 impact data

social enterprises

Our self-sustaining business ventures deliver vital public services while opening valuable opportunities for people in our communities, from job training and skills development to sources of income and self-sufficiency.

Cashier and customer in check-out line at North Market

Impact In Action

Food Justice

At the height of a global pandemic, our Brian Coyle Center and Waite House food shelves served up more than a million pounds of food.

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Mentoring Youth

Summer programs at our centers and social enterprises are providing mentorship and safe spaces for young people throughout our communities.

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Community Development

Justice Built Communities is driving cross-sector investment in housing and entrepreneurship across our city.

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