140 years of justice

Here we lay foundations for full, healthy lives for children and families. Here we build places of creativity and connection, where strong voices are nurtured and stories are amplified. Here we create pathways to a prosperous future, from education to jobs to economic mobility.


Beginning in 1879 with Minneapolis’s first settlement house, Pillsbury United Communities co-creates enduring change toward a just society. Built with and for historically marginalized and underinvested groups across our community, our united system of programs, neighborhood centers, and social enterprises connects more than 55,000 individuals and their families each year. We are guided by a vision of thriving communities where every person has personal, social, and economic power.


Systemic problems can’t be solved by one tactic or one interaction. We look beyond the narrow needs that bring people through our doors to address the many barriers standing in their way: from inadequate nutrition to disparities in education. Through interconnected assets that support people’s lives in a broad context, we knit lives and communities together and create an impact greater than the sum of our parts.


Everything we do starts with empathy and proceeds with humility. By asking the right questions, we uncover the true needs that lead to meaningful innovation. Using the principles of human-centered design, we create solutions with and for those most affected. It’s an approach born of our settlement house roots: not telling people, “Here’s what you need,” but asking, “What can we do together?”

Our Mission

We are community builders co-creating enduring change toward a just society.

Our Vision

We imagine thriving communities where every person has personal, social, and economic power.

Our Values


We believe in building bold, transformative solutions with our community.


We believe equity comes from health, safety, quality, education, and meaningful work.


We believe true resiliency in communities emerges from equitable systems, infrastructure, and social connectedness.


We believe we are stronger together; we strive to always work in partnership.


We believe positivity, empathy, and compassion are revolutionary acts.


Plymouth Mission is founded by Plymouth Congregational Church


John and Charles Pillsbury donate funds to build an expanded Pillsbury House


Pillsbury House joins 39 private and seven public agencies, which eventually becomes the Greater Twin Cities United Way


Consolidation of settlement houses across Minneapolis leads to the merger of Pillsbury House and Waite House


Pillsbury United Communities in its current form is established


North Market celebrates its first anniversary


Adair Mosley

President and CEO

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Vickie Besch

Director of Public Sector Programs

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Brenna Brelie

Chief of Staff

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Antonio Cardona

Director, Oak Park

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Amano Dube

Director, Brian Coyle

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Julie Graves

Director of Youth Impact and Director, Waite House

Kelly Leuca

Director of Family Services

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Vanan Murugesan

Director of Design and Innovation
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Kim Pepper

Dir. of Brand Marketing and Advancement
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Faye M. Price

Co-Artistic Director, Pillsbury House + Theatre
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Noël Raymond

Co-Artistic Director, Pillsbury House + Theatre
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Neeyada Santopietro

Director of Human Resources

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Tsega Tamene

Director of Community Health

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board of directors

Dr. Laura Bloomberg

Dean, University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Jeff Steinle
Vice Chair

Attorney, Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.

Lindsay L. Benjamin

Senior Project Manager, Optum Operations at UnitedHealth Group

Chris Huset

Manager, Accenture

Molly Haney

Senior Director of Corporate Responsibility, Target Corporation

Taylor Harwood

Senior Vice President, U.S. Trust

Marni Bumsted


Mahrous Kandil

Assistant Director, Hennepin Elementary School

Kenji Okumura

Former Product Director, UnitedHealthcare

Amit Patel

CEO, Vios Medical, Inc.

Siyad Abdullahi

Founder, President & CEO,  Language Banc, LLC

Norah Shapiro

Director/Producer, Flying Pieces Productions

Faysal Abraham

Operations Consultant

Melinda Emerson

Director of Customer Experience, Best Buy Co., Inc.

Anne Stukas

Financial Planning & Analysis Lead, Cargill

Kaori Yamada

Formerly Senior Director of Marketing, Best Buy Co., Inc.


We’re proud of the work we have done and what we have accomplished. But when we look at the persistent rates of inequity in our state, from education to health to wealth, we are determined to do more. Our communities need disruptive innovation — and urgently. That means building new systems and infrastructure to make an impact at a population level. It means making uncommon allegiances with non-profits, businesses, and policymakers to pursue radical solutions we can’t do alone. And it means shaking off the complacency of the nonprofit industrial complex to demand more of ourselves and each other. Read our strategic framework to learn more about our vision for a new social services ecosystem that can sustain a thriving community today and tomorrow. Download PDF

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